Staff at UM

REFRESCH has two full-time staff people supporting the research efforts of the faculty and students.

Mike Burbidge

Academic Program Specialist, REFRESCH

University of Michigan Office of Research

Mike received a Master's degree in Environmental Justice from UM's School of Natural Resources and Environment in 2016. Immediately following, Mike began an internship with REFRESCH. In 2017, Mike joined REFRESCH staff full time as a Program Assistant and now, in 2018, is the Academic Program Specialist. Mike has spent several months in Gabon over the course of his two years with REFRESCH, facilitating interactions between the US and Gabonese sides of the program. His two years spent in Cameroon during his Peace Corps experience ideally positions him for that role.

Brenda Vyletel

Project Manager, REFRESCH

University of Michigan Office of Research

Brenda Vyletel has been at the U of M for over a decade. With a background in engineering, the first half of her career focused on scientific research (specifically materials characterization), and the second half moved her into program management. Brenda has a Master's degree in Material Science and Engineering from the University of Michigan.