REFRESCH is working with an extensive list of collaborators – one or more within all of the organizations below.  Following the bulleted lists are the bios of individuals with whom REFRESCH has the strongest ties.

United States of America

  • Howard University


  • Université des Science et Techniques Masuku (USTM)
  • Université Omar Bongo (UOB)
  • Lycée Technique National Omar Bongo (LTNOB)
  • Technological Research Institute (IRT/CENAREST)
  • Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS)
  • Organisation Ecotouristique du Lac Oguemoué (OELO)
  • Hôpital Albert Schweitzer (HAS)
  • Agence Nationale des Parcs Nationaux (ANPN)
  • Community members in the region around Lambaréné
  • People in all levels of government – national, regional, city


  • Nazarbayev University
  • Chilik Fish Farm
  • A private school in Chilik, Kazakhstan
  • Kazakh National University

Guy-Germaine Allogho

Teacher/Researcher of Electrical Engineering/Physics, PhD

Ecole Polytechnique de Masuku (USTM), Franceville, Gabon

Prof. Guy Germain Allogho’s role in REFRESCH is to coordinate training for technicians in the installation and maintenance of solar panels for rural populations. He also conducts research on solar energy with students at the doctoral level.

Nicaise Manfoumbi

Director, Civil Engineering Dept; Civil Engineer, PhD

Ecole Polytechnique de Masuku (USTM), Franceville, Gabon

Prof. Nicaise Manfounbi Boussougou is director of the Civil Engineering department at USTM where his students are very interested by the research questions developed by REFRESCH and collaboration with the UM. Having a civil engineering diploma as well as a doctorate permits him to integrate the professional and academic domains for development research and practice in the areas of drinking water issues, improved cookstoves, and biodigesters.

Paul Achille Mavoungou

Professor, Département des Sciences du Langage, PhD

Université Omar Bongo, Libreville, Gabon

Prof. Paul Achille Mavoungou develops lexicons of local Gabonese languages. With REFRESCH, Paul has consulted on the best practices for interacting with local populations.

Patrick Mickala

Vice-Dean, Educational Research – Faculty of Sciences; Teacher/Researcher, Biology Dept., PhD

Ecole Polytechnique de Masuku (USTM), Franceville, Gabon

Prof. Patrick Mickala has a doctorate in neurosciences and, over the course of 15 years, has developed an interest in conservation biology teaching and research. He is Vice-Dean for Research and Pedegogy of the faculty of sciences and, with REFRESCH, lends his expertise to projects concerning reuse of household wastes, the implementation of biodigesters, and the studies of drinking water quality.

Stephan Ntie

Teacher/Researcher, Biology Department, PhD

Université des Sciences et Techniques de Masuku (USTM)

Prof. Stephan Ntie’s work is focused on conservation biology, as well as population and evolutionary biology. With the REFRESCH project, he is involved in projects related to recycling and reuse of waste and the potential effects of these practices on the biodiversity of local populations. As a researcher and instructor at USTM his objective is to teach students and local populations about principles and practices of problems concerning food, water, and energy in rural and semi-urban areas.

Alex Tata Sijosky

Professor, Département des Sciences du Langage, PhD

Université Omar Bongo, Libreville, Gabon

Prof. Alex Sijosky has consulted with REFRESCH on interacting with local populations. He also is an expert in human/wildlife conflict and its ecological, socioeconomic, and political implications in Gabon.

Jean-Jacques Taty

Associate Professor of Cinema and Francophone Studies, Department of World Languages and Cultures, PhD

Howard University, Washington, DC

Prof. Jean-Jacques Taty's areas of focus are post-colonial cinematic narratives, cultural and social change, cross cultural and visual medias. A native of Gabon, he was asked by the ambassador of Gabon to follow and assist with the REFRESCH effort. He has been of immeasurable assistance to the Gabon team, traveling multiple times to Gabon with the group to act as cultural liaison and advisor.